Greetings! Thanks for visiting my page.
My name's Filipp Obada and I'm a 32 years old professional architect with a deep passion for 3D visualisation.
My professional journey in 3D started back in 2008 through collaborations with the microstock industry, and ever since then I fell in love with the process and never stopped looking for the next challenge.
Over the years I've had the privilege of founding and co-founding two great companies:, recognized as the pioneering Chaosgroup Authorized Training Center in Portugal, and Obada Arquitetos, a respected architecture firm based in Lisbon. In 2018 I was also honored to be the first Chaosgroup Licensed Trainer in Portugal, which was definitely a huge moment in my professional career.
Whilst I have good amount of personal interests such as tennis, photography, architecture and even botany, my true passion has always been 3D visualization — ever since I was 15 and realized I could use those tools to create anything I ever dared to imagine; at my core, I'm just an artist driven by the desire for creative expression, constantly looking to improve and break my own limits.
I also honestly believe that my background in architecture and photography has had a deep effect in my ability to envision and illustrate functional, inviting, and timeless environments that are true to life but still manage to captivate and inspire the viewer.
In my toolkit, you'll find proficiency in all the essential software such as 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Chaos Vantage, and Photoshop. Moreover, I'm easily adaptable and always eager for an excuse to learn new software so I can meet the demands of any project.
Beyond creative and technical expertise, I'm also fluent in English, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian, which enables me to communicate and collaborate with clients and peers worldwide, allowing for effective information gathering and skill acquisition when needed.
If what you're looking for is a professional artist with a good balance of creative flair, technical prowess, and a keen aesthetic eye, please feel free to reach out as I would love to connect and explore how I can contribute to your project's success.
Thank you!
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